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Coaches Corner

Tri-County League Rules

Rules governing league play. Tournaments may have their own rules--check each site for more information.

Sports Engine access


If you see this text box appear when you log in it means you are NOT a registered user of NGIN on this site.  You must click on this box to become a member.
Remember, you only need ONE NGIN account across ANY sport.  However, with each sport OR web site you must be a member of that site.  If you don't become a member and just log in it will APPEAR as if you are logged in but you are NOT.



Coaches read all the information (on the teams tab- getting started section) to create your NGIN user account.  Once you login look for the Edit mode/User mode switch and then edit your team page. (you will not see this switch until you log in AND are at YOUR team page)

IF you entered your team online this should not be an issue this year.

Creating an Sportsengine account

By Tom Bye, 05/08/17, 9:45AM CDT



*If you can't edit your page it means I couldn't find your NGIN user name. Please read ALL the steps below in the getting started section before you email me AND with all of your information requested below.

Coaches, the first thing you'll notice to the team pages is that I have created a team template to get you started.  Minimally all you have to do is to update your contact information by clicking on the edit button.  However, if you want to be more creative you can edit your team page anyway you like.

If you don't have an account yet please follow these directions:  (These are generic directions and assume you are in the Tri County League.  Same directions for ALL leagues, just change the name)

  1. If you coached last year at any level in Tri County and had an NGIN account you are already set up.  You do NOT need a new account for each team.
  2. If you are a new coach/user you need to create an account.  In the upper left corner you will see a tab "create and account"  Click on it and follow the directions by entering your information.  **You will need to go through activation email that is sent to you after initiating account.** 
  3. OR if you have an existing NGIN account through any other sport  including other fastpitch leagues a welcome box will appear in the upper left corner and say "welcome (your name)"  "link your existing NGIN account to Tri County? Click on Become a Member"  It's that simple.

After you have joined,  contact your association director first.  Many directors have editing access and can assign you to your team page.  

IF not, please send an email to (for Tri County, 8U & 18U leagues) so Tom knows your registered.  For Big West and the Gold League email Dan to
Make sure to include in your e-mail: (I have to assign close to 750 teams so the more information you provide the better)

Team Name
Age & level coaching i.e. A, B or C

(***Please make it simple***  i.e. Tom Bye, MVSA, MVSA Green, 14B)

Thank you

Parent’s Code of Conduct

This is signed electronically during the registration process.

Parent’s Code of Conduct:

  1.  Help your child learn to enjoy sports and develop skills that she is capable of performing.  Practice with and help your child so that she will have the opportunity for skills improvement through active participation.
  2. Be realistic about the strengths and weaknesses of your child so that she may be placed in situations where he has the maximum opportunity for success.  Do not attempt to relive your athletic past through your child.
  3. Treat each player, coach, official and parent with respect and dignity creating a positive and enjoyable experience for all.  Remember that coaches and officials are receiving minimal compensation for their time.
  4. Accept the decisions of the officials and coaches without showing/sharing inappropriate emotions.
  5. Understand and respect the differences between parental roles and coaches roles.  Uphold the authority of officials and coaches who are working with your child. 
  6. Help your child to enjoy her softball experience by being a respectful fan and supporting parent.  Keep negative comments to yourself; you never know who is sitting next to you!  Concerns should be made to the coaches by the player, not the parent and not immediately following a competition.
  7. Focus on performance which can be controlled by the athlete and not on winning or losing an outcome which is frequently outside the athlete’s control.  Positively reinforce improved skills.
  8. Place the emotional and physical well being of your daughter ahead of your personal desire to win.
  9. Help your child set realistic goals.  Sport’s primary value is the opportunity for self-development.  The probability of achieving lasting fame and glory is low; however, their experiences allow them to develop life-long values and self-esteem.
  10.  Make softball fun for your child and her teammates.
  11.  Understand that you will be asked to refrain from attending further competitions if you cannot/will not abide by this code of conduct.
  12.  Be positive and have fun!


  1.  A verbal warning from the NFSA Board and /or a written reprimand for the file.
  2. Banishment for the parent/guardian from all further practices and games.  Length is to be determined by the NFSA Board of Directors.
  3. Permanent removal of the player and parent(s) from the program if the first two consequences are not followed.
  • Remember:  The umpire(s) have the right to ask any parent, coach or manager to leave if they act in an unsportsmanlike manner.

Parent’s Name (Please print)

Parent’s Signature will be done electronically at registration

Player’s Name


Note:  This must be signed and returned to your daughter’s coach no later than the first practice.  Failure to sign and return this form will result in the removal of your daughter from the roster, and she will not be allowed to play until the form is returned.


Coaches Meeting

A mandatory Coaches Meeting will be held in April. Check back for a date. 


ACE Certification & Background Check

Turn in ACE certificate and receipt of Background Check to the Program Development/Travel Director before first practice

The background checks are handled through a centralized provider through TriCounty Fastpitch League of Minnesota. 

ACE and BG checks link to view instructions or follow the steps below.

1. Go to
2a.  New Users: Click on Create Profile and then create account.  This will bring you straight to Personal Steps Grid
2b.  Existing users Login:  Then go to Personal Steps Grid
3. Choose between “ACE Certification w/ Background Check” OR “Background Check” by selecting “purchase”
4. Follow directions.

ACE and Background Fee
Year 1 is $25.00
Year 2 and on is $20.00

Background Check ONLY
*Required for all on-field personnel


Illustration of human head and the impact of a concussion.

Concussion Training

MN State Law requires coaches to be recertified every 3 years.  The leagues will follow this guideline.

**Please note this is a Minnesota Law.  IF you play out of state you MAY be required to follow their state guidelines.  It is the responsibility of the coach to contact the tournament director to determine what those requirements are.**


Certificate will be offered through NFHS (National Federation of High Schools) website.

After you click on the exam link and are on the NFHS site please click the “Register” link in the upper right corner and create an account for yourself.  Once this set up and you are logged in, click on “Courses” along the top.

In the “Search for Courses” box, type in “Concussion” and the “Concussion in Sports” online course will show up.  You have the option to "view course"  if you want to read up on it first.  When you are ready to take the course  click on “Order Course,” select your state and click “Checkout.”  The next page will contact a link for accessing the course.

When done, you will have access to a pdf certificate that you can print out.  Also, when you log in again later (next year, for example), you can search your course history.

Turn in proof of completion to Program Development/Travel Director before first practice

Coach's Code of Conduct

Coach's Code of Conduct     

print, sign before first practice then turn into Program Development/Travel Director

By reading and signing this code, all Coaches for Northfield Fastpitch Softball Association agree to abide by the following rules of conduct. Accordingly, as an NFSA Coach, I:

1. Agree to abide by the rules, directives, and codes of conduct put forth by NFSA, Tri County League and Minnesota Softball.

2. Agree to attend all required coaches meetings.

3. Agree to hold practices as required, appropriate to the age of the players, and to be punctual in arriving for practices and games.

4. Agree not to leave practices or games until all players have been picked up by a parent, guardian, authorized adult, or have made arrangements with another coach / league administrator.

5. Agree to teach the players proper sportsmanship;

6. Will refrain from seeking any advantage beyond that of superior skill, tactics and fitness;

7. Agree that official decisions made by the umpires will be accepted without rancor or anger, no matter how unfair they may seem;

8. Agree not to use verbal or body language which is intimidating toward the umpire, coach, player, parent, or administrative official during all practices and games (including but not limited to vulgar, improper, foul, demeaning, or abusive language). The NFSA Board of Directors will have the final say on actions or language deemed vulgar, improper, foul, demeaning, or abusive.

9. Will ensure players understand the Players Code of Conduct, and teach the players respect for themselves, the opponent, and the umpire.

10. Will ensure player’s parents understand the Parents Code of Conduct, and will address any of their improper behavior at games or practices with that parent(s) (including disrespecting the umpire, the “opposing” parents, coaches, or players). Coaches will inform the Traveling Director of any parents who continue to demonstrate unsportsmanlike behavior or behavior that is inconsistent with the Parent’s Code of Conduct.

11. Will support the umpire’s actions no matter how unfair they may seem. I will address any issues with the NFSA Traveling Director after the incident.

12. Agree not to use illegal drugs or alcohol during all practices and games;

13. Will encourage safe, competitive, fair play and will reward improvement and effort, regardless of skill, and regardless of the outcome of any game. I will further take steps to avoid “running up the score”.

14. It is mandatory that all players participate in the games and practices. I agree to target 50% of playing time for all of my players during games and practice. Exceptions to this requirement would be; player(s) missing practice without an excuse, disruptive in practices or games, injured before or during a game/practice, or who arrive late to games/practices. An excused absence includes but not limited to school related events, homework, activities, sick or injured, or others deemed reasonable and approved by NFSA.

15. Will only play those children listed on my official roster.

16.  I will practice the rule of 3 as it relates to the presence of players.  No Coach will be alone with a player one on one.  There will always be a 2nd adult present when working individually with a player.

Signature                         Date

Sanctions for violating the Coach’s Codes of Conduct sections

1st offense: Letter of counseling explaining the Code of Conduct violation, and warning the coach not to violate the same Code of Conduct.

2nd offense: Memorandum of Expectation explaining the Code of Conduct violation, listing the coaching expectations for the remainder of the season, and noting further violations of the Coach’s Codes of Conduct may result in suspension, or separation as a coach in our league.

3rd or more offenses: Game suspension to separation from the league as a coach